The Order of the White Raven: mystical fantasy


What happens when you save a dragon’s life?

Three years ago, Aiden Bran saved the young dragon Zilarra. Now, marked by that blood-debt, his dreams are filled with the growing dragon’s life.

When his comfortable world is torn apart, Aiden is set adrift and finds himself searching for the meaning of this strange bond. How can he free himself from the dragon’s debt and make his life his own again?

Aiden’s quest for answers leads him across frozen wastelands into the ravages of a budding war, where his unwanted connection with dragons may be the only thing that can prevent bloodshed, and even the very extinction of their race.

His journey is one of discovery, friendship, and trust; an alchemical journey into the heart of the self, into the crucible that can either consume, or transform lead into gold.

What readers are saying:

Enlightening and transformative. I only wish it was longer!

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