Mazeweaver: queer joy, found family, and hope


A mountain. A skyscraper. A curse. Beneath London, in the heart of the labyrinth, something stirs…

Luca and Aliya have settled into their lives as shamans, maintaining the balance between humanity and nature. Luca is helping the newly-born elementals of London find their feet in the modern world. But something darker is awakening; something determined to shift that balance.

When a curse threatens Quantum and drives the dragons to the edge of extinction, Aliya is powerless to save her closest friend. Soon, both worlds are threatened by the greed of an impossible enemy that bridges the gap between realms.

It’s time for Luca and Aliya to embrace their power and discover if what they carry within is enough to turn aside greed, anger, and destruction.

What readers are saying:

This second outing with Luca and Aliya takes us into new territory, not least on to the streets of London, with the Shard playing a key role in the narrative. I really enjoy the interweaving of fantasy and reality, with Luca’s recognisably 21st-century Britain overlapping with the fantasy landscape of Aliya’s world. Once again, the two stories work in parallel until they merge in a dramatic finale. One of the things I love about this author is their humane take on humankind – no-one is irredeemable and no-one is perfect. If you like cardboard cut-out villains and impossibly heroic leads, avoid this – but for a thought-provoking, challenging and exciting exploration of ways of facing life’s challenges whilst hanging on to kindness and integrity, this is for you!

The mark of a good story is one that I can’t stop reading, and this was the case with ‘Mazeweaver’. Not only was it a fast-flowing plot but I loved getting to know Luca and Aliya so much better. The introduction of new characters was seamless and I was happy that the two main protagonists were feeling so much more comfortable in their own skins. With their acceptance of their natures, I loved how both developed their shamanic powers. The message that no one is beyond redemption struck a chord with me. Love IS the answer. I so very much hope to be able to spend more time with Luca and Aliya, in the future!

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