Dreamwalker: queer joy, found family, and hope

Book 1: Dreamwalker

Luke and Aliya are just figments of each others’ dreams. Until the nightmares start, and each needs the other to be real. Fast.

Sixteen-year-old Luke wants to go unnoticed. He doesn’t want a girlfriend. He doesn’t want to live in his own skin. He definitely doesn’t want to have panic attacks whenever he questions his gender identity.

And these problems are nothing compared to the problems he has while he’s asleep. When Luke’s asleep, he’s someone else.

Aliya’s options all look bad. Get married as everyone expects…or acknowledge that her strange ability to walk in other people’s dreams means she’s a shaman. That power might gain her respect, or it might lead to her being feared and driven out of her home. Yet, how can she deny her power when it’s the only thing that can save her community from danger?

Her life’s about to get a lot more complicated. Curses, epic journeys, battles with the forces of nature, nightmares that can drag you down into death. And a boy from another world who’s stuck inside her head.

When Luke’s sister develops a terminal illness, his connection to the magic of Aliya’s world is her only hope. But can he come to terms with his secrets in order to claim that magic as his own?

Together, Luke and Aliya will discover that the key to both their problems lies in the same place: through their nightmares to the other side of fear.

Mazeweaver: queer joy, found family, and hope

Book 2: Mazeweaver

A mountain. A skyscraper. A curse. Beneath London, in the heart of the labyrinth, something stirs…

Luca and Aliya have settled into their lives as shamans, maintaining the balance between humanity and nature. Luca is helping the newly-born elementals of London find their feet in the modern world. But something darker is awakening; something determined to shift that balance.

When a curse threatens Quantum and drives the dragons to the edge of extinction, Aliya is powerless to save her closest friend. Soon, both worlds are threatened by the greed of an impossible enemy that bridges the gap between realms.

It’s time for Luca and Aliya to embrace their power and discover if what they carry within is enough to turn aside greed, anger, and destruction.

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