The Order of the White Raven: mystical fantasy

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Book 1: The Music of the Mind

Finn Bran is a young journeyman bard who performs all the traditional songs of heroism and great deeds, while dreaming that he could someday be part of such a story – but the Kingdom of Valeria is falling into decline all around him as a mysterious force fosters thoughts of violence and intolerance in people’s minds.

Brought face-to-face with this terrifying evil, Finn narrowly escapes death and emerges beaten, but possessing a strange new gift – or curse. Able to hear the purity or impurity of people’s thoughts in the form of music, Finn realises that his unique insight leaves him with the responsibility to fight back against the evil being that has defeated him once already. But first, he must learn to master the music of his own mind.

This quest will lead Finn from the enchanted realm of the Fair Folk to the castle dungeons; to an ill-fated battle with a dragon that leads to a friendship that changes the shape of the world; to an inner mastery of elemental forces.

Finally, will Finn be strong enough to face the immutable enemy that has twisted an entire nation to its own dark ends … or will he need to reach out for help from the strangest of places?

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