Love at first sight is so much easier when time is moving in the right direction

Mark is single and has just started internet dating. Rebecca has broken up with her long-term boyfriend and moved to a new city. When they meet at a party, they discover they share a unique and magical connection - their telephone line.

For when Rebecca calls Mark the next day, the message she leaves inexplicably goes back in time three days.

And then things really start to get weird.

Disconnected is available on Amazon (or get it free)

Disconnected by A.K. Adler
Hooked by A.K. Adler


The time pollution will not be televised

Jess has some difficulties to deal with. She's still coming to terms with the death of her father. She has an ex-boyfriend she can't get out of her life. She has a mother who disapproves of all her life choices.

And, with the aid of her flatmate, she's about to 'hook' Niccolo Machiavelli out of the 16th Century and into the 21st to star on her reality TV show.

The last may not have been her finest idea.

Hooked is available on Amazon (or get it free)


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